33 RPM 1.1 Now Available!

Hey listeners! A new update is now available in the App Store and comes jam packed with hot new features and bug fixes. Check out the latest below.

New Media Controls + Play Albums' Top Songs

Now when you play music in the app, new media controls will appear to let you pause and skip between tracks.

The new controls also now appear when you view an album, and tapping the play button will let you instantly play that album's top songs.

2017-11-14 15_16_08.gif

Better Experience For New Listeners

Previously, if you haven't played enough songs to get suggested friends or recommendations, you would just see a message saying you need to play more songs. But we thought that's not much a fun experience for our new listeners. With this update, new listeners can get a taste of how these two features work immediately.

When you don't have any recommendations yet, the app will now pick a random set of popular songs in the meantime. Similarly, the app will also pick a random set of popular users as suggested friends.

Better Recommendation Status Updates

With this update, recommendation status updates are now displayed above your current recommendations (instead of hiding them) letting you view and play them anytime.


We hope you enjoy this new update! If you wanna share some ❤️ don't forget to leave a review in the App Store!


Do you have an idea for a cool new feature, or have any feedback or questions? We'd love to hear it. Send us an email to [email protected] or tweet us @33rpmapp.


Andrew Schaper