33 RPM 1.1.1 Now Available!

Hey listeners!

A new update is now available in the App Store! While it's not as exciting as our previous update, it's still a very important one that introduces some big stability improvements under-the-hood and enables general stability in the long run. Read on if you're interested in what has changed!

Better Region Detection for Apple Music Content

33 RPM has many features that interacts with Apple Music content such as in-app playback, adding new music to your library, creating playlists, and displaying album artwork. And because Apple Music's catalog varies depending on your country, we need to make sure 33 RPM respects your current region to allow these features to work properly and reliably.

33 RPM has always tried its best to respect different regions, but it hasn't always been reliable – some users that reside outside of the US have reported that they would sometimes get a message saying "This item is not available in your (current country)'s store" when trying to play certain songs.

That is definitely a less than an ideal experience! We're happy to say that this is no longer an issue and the songs you interact with within the app will always respect your region.

Broadcasting Stability Improvements

33 RPM's broadcasting feature shows your followers what you're listening to and displays your currently playing song's name on the My Music view and on your profile. Your broadcast also automatically updates both your currently playing song and your play count when the song changes, but this would sometimes get out of sync or show "Nothing playing" when you are in fact playing something.

Not anymore! The broadcasting feature has been completely overhauled to be extremely more reliable and performant.

Login and Signup Improvements

The sign up, login, and logout flow is staying exactly the same with no noticeable changes, but we've cleaned up some things and made improvements to how it all works under-the-hood.

Now put on some headphones and go grab that update! 

Do you have an idea for a cool new feature, or have any feedback or questions? We'd love to hear it. Just send an email to [email protected] or tweet us @33rpmapp.


Andrew Schaper