New Features: Add music to your library, top songs playlists, and more

A new update has just been released to our beta testers and it comes chock full with some hot new features. Here are the highlights:

Create a playlist with your top songs

Your top songs are most likely your most favorite, so we've added a way for you to get faster access to them by adding them to a playlist. All you have to do is tap the new button that appears on the My Music view marked with an ellipsis (...) and then tap "Add to Playlist" and you're done!



Add songs and albums to your music library

You can now easily add songs and albums to your library straight from the app. When viewing a song or an album, just tap the icon at the top right corner and then tap "Add to Library".


Play music within the app

Previously, tapping the play button while viewing a song or a recommendation would open the Music app first and then play the song. With this new update the song will just start playing within 33 RPM.


We hope you enjoy these new features! Do you have an awesome idea for 33 RPM that you'd like to see become a reality? Hit us up:

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